An open letter to all Bullies

Dearest Bully (aka Scum of the Earth)

This is not a fan letter. For that would require adoration, inspiration and hero worshipping.  The feelings I have towards you, is difficult to explain, but I’ll try.  Revulsion. Repulsion. Loathing. Antipathy.  Abhorrence.  Disgust.

Understanding that your intelligence might inhibit your full understanding of the terms used above, here’s another clue.  On a humanity scale of 1 to 10, where angels and my wife rank 12, I would probably rate you -1,299,003.  You belong in a select group of rapists, paedophiles and other abusers.  All whom is sharing the unique desire of  preying on the weak, of wanting to leave a battlefield of victims in your wake.  Fortunately, you’re a slight step-up from Hitler.

No, wait.

A pre-requisite for being a bully would be the perceived power he has over his victims.  And then commencing with the abuse, whether physical, emotional or verbal.  Based on this fundamental truth, Hitler would be the poster child for bullying.  So I’m sorry to disappoint you, but he’s your club captain, and he will burn in hell, along with the rest of your twisted gang.  A degenerate reality of our existence.

It is fascinating to me, what aspect of your existence enable you to justify the need for making the life of another person miserable.  Does the tears and sorrow make you get out of bed?  Do you get a spring in your step, just imagining the fear and dread you might exhume?  Do you realise how despicable that is?  And why?  Didn’t Mommy used enough butter on your bread?  Someone didn’t tuck you in last night?  Do you need attention?  Got a little too much attention?  Or are you just happy to exist as the most pathetic and saddest life form on this planet.

What is really scary is how you’ve evolved.  Like a dragon hiding in a cave, flexing your dark wings.  A mysterious shadow, slowly moving across the sky, growing, spreading.  The playground at Middle school just became too small.  A twisted desire to expand your territory, a cancer spreading through an unfortunate victim.  Infiltrating our homes, our neighbourhood, our workplace, even the Internet.  Just like the virus you are, killing the human spirit as you hurl your atrocities across society.  Slashing your fangs into the very fibre of what humans are suppose to be.

So NO, I am not a fan.

But I have an idea.

Seeing that we are chasing technology and trying to find people crazy enough to opt for a colony on Mars, which is consider to be a red, uninhabitable, desolate planet, why don’t we just round up all of you guys and shove you in a space shuttle.  I guarantee you’ll fit right in, as your souls resemble Mars in every possible way.  A place where a life-form most probably existed a very long time ago.  And added bonus would be the opportunity of exchanging interesting stories and tips on how to become a better bully, whilst experimenting with some of your darker fantasies on fellow members of your sick little society.  I know, I’m brilliant.

Can't wait to plant this on your grave...

Can’t wait to plant this on your grave…

Now until such time as government can heard you together, like the animals you are, here’s a warning:  If you ever threaten Son again, I will make you regret the day you were born.  I’ll rip your head clean of your body, shove it on a stake and leave it in the cold, dark night so that the ravens can feast on your eye balls and the soft juicy meat of your cheekbones.  I will make the massacre of the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones look like Valentine’s day.

So don’t fuck with me.  Or my children.


Your worst nightmare

Ah dad…


6 thoughts on “An open letter to all Bullies

  1. Mate, I really feel for you. I dread the day my sons encounter these species. It would be one of those heart-breaking dilemmas – do you go and bat for them, or do you let them stand on their own two feet? I hope I know the answer before I need it!


    • Technically, Son is standing on his own two feet at the moment as this asshole in a higher grade, is targeting a bunch of his mates. I think he’s trying to find a weak spot, but the boys are standing together.

      So I’m letting things slide, only venting and ranting like the enraged father I am, right here on my blog.

      Fortunately there has been no serious incident, and from the latest reports I’ve received, he seems to be losing attention. And this report comes from another two dads who seems to be planning an ambush.

      I’ll keep you posted….Its just that bullying is probably the worst social behaviour out there. And I despise it.


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