Newsflash #18 – This is 40

I have the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the fridge.

Spike  Milligan

For all those who are following the series I’m writing, in anticipation of me turning forty, I have great news!  For those uniformed ones…It’s a series where I dish out free advise for my children, lessons that I’ve been learning whilst breathing air, in the hope of saving them from broken hearts, embarrassment and possible physical injury.

As I post five tips at a time, it only takes two of my three brain cells to understand that the process of going back to the previous posts can become a bit tedious, so I’ve created a new page on the blog where I’ve listed all of them.  At least the twenty that I’ve done so far… and I will keep them updated so you guys can find them all in one place.  Like a great supporting bra, all nice and tucked in.

See Mom, I am a considerate guy.  Job well done.


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