The Good, the Bad and the OMG is this really happening…

Ok, so it is the last day of this year.  Only a few hours left of the four digits 2-0-1-3.  By the time this is posted, the year might even have completed the exercise of shoving its proverbial head between its proverbial legs and kissed its proverbial ass goodbye; in some countries East of me.

It’s been, well, how can I put it, thankfully over.  No, it was definitely not the worst year of my life, but I’m just reminiscing about the last 365 days and hoping that 2014 will be a year that kick ass. (To much butt references you think?)  Let’s consider a few of the high, low and other random events that occurred in the life of Ah Dad…

I gave birth.  It was easier than I thought.  There was no pain, for that only came later.  I merely channeled the thoughts through my fingers and onto a screen.  Wanted to preserve some of my insanity for my seed.  But it turned into an obsession.  It became much more than  a website where brilliant people meet.  It defined me.  And people liked me.  And some even followed me.  Yes dear bloggers, the bestest thing of 2013 was the creation of this little space on the net.

Other great things include the fact that none of us got killed or sick or maimed in some atrocious way.  All members of the family are accounted for and everyone is alive, healthy and happy, or at least fake it pretty well.  I have great friends so that is pretty awesome.  Oh yes and I started exercising again.  If there is anyone who needs a cover model for a magazine called: “Forty and semi-flabby”, please call me.

The bad, well I try not to focus on this too much, but it does happen to all of us.  We lost three fathers in our community which is REALLY sad.  Every time I pass their houses I feel a emptiness that is sorta weird as we were not even great friends.  Maybe the fatherhood club is a default setting amongst society, uniting all men who raise children.

Work was pretty shit this year, as not all of us can become full time writers.  And this is why I want to throw the lady who wrote “50 Shades of Grey” with a toaster.   I need to get up, put on decent clothes and drive to an office sucking up to customers all across the globe and she can write shit and make millions.  Life is so unfair.  Besides, the Global Economy is still causing prices to plummet and I had to beg and plea more than usual for my sales volumes to stay strong.  It was tough and I had to tighten the screws on the team, up to the point where one of the guys couldn’t take anymore and he resigned.  But my begging and pleading seems to have worked for we made our sales target, everyone worked hard and I consider myself an Oscar nominee in Rambling Bull Shit.

Now as far as the “OMG is this really happening…”

Son finished primary school and is now forced to move on to High school in early January 2013.  Don’t get me wrong, he is very excited, and I couldn’t persuade the school to keep him back for another year.  How did that happen?  Yesterday I was still wiping his nose and his …., fine I won’t write it.  Now he not only dresses himself, he trains me in working my smart phone, listens to rap and plays some kick-ass rugby.  And he’s going to HIGH SCHOOL!!  It’s not that surprising when one consider he has a father who is turning forty…

So to all the bloggers out there, if you’re like me and you’re stealing some time whilst waiting and preparing for the friends to arrive for our own little NYE bash, please remember to not drink and drive, and party on! Or not…

I pray that each one following or reading the awkwardness flooding your screen from this site, will have an amazing 2014.  And please keep on blogging, for I need inspiration and humor in my life!

I love you.  (Ok, maybe that’s the wine talking…)  Anyhow see you next year.


10 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the OMG is this really happening…

  1. All the best for 2014…keep up the good work on your blog (I hope you holiday was fun btw) and if I ever run into that lady that wrote ’50 shades’ I’ll throw two toasters at her: one from you, the other because you inspired me to do the same;)


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