AskAwayFriday – Round 2

I was real excited to see the hand in the crowd waving frantically for some attention.  Well, not really attention, we were the last two souls who wanted to partake in this interesting little thing called #AskAwayFriday, where you exchange 10 questions with another blogger.Real Housewife Of Caroline County

My partner in time…( Yes it’s lame, but it was the best I could come up with)  The wonderful, the multi-talented, the RAW eating, family blending, extremely interesting Miss Effie Girl. (I don’t pick the names people…)

I sent her off to a happy place with these 10 questions….

1. I see you are a domestic engineer aka housewife.  Is there anything you miss about having a job?  I wanted to say real job, but then decided my day is going pretty well so far, and I didn’t want a lot of hate mail)
2. What one thing/lesson did you learn from your Nan that you still follow today?
3. Why did you start to blog?
4. I’m a bit scared to ask…RAW eating habits…Please explain. (I saw gorilla wrap as dish one and then freaked out!)
5. Do you have a favourite picture-taking subject?
6. Your blended family implies, as per non-cannibal definition, you are raising more than one little human. (i.e compared to an actual human smoothie…)  What is your biggest tip for raising a girl? (I need all the help I can get)
7. Does your husband know about your blog?
8. At what time of day/night do you blog?
9. Do you have a bucket list?  If yes, what is the most outrageous thing on it that you still want to do?
10. What do you know about South Africa?

and then she returned the favour with my 10 mind-probing questions.  Here goes…

1. Are you ever afraid to travel to a certain place, for as much as you do?

Yes.  Maybe the more accurate answer is intimidated. 

And places who falls within that definition include Nigeria, Mali, Somalia or any other country that might abduct me and ask for a ransom for I’m not sure whether the family will pay…They will have to choose between spending cash or having some extra peace and quiet.   Also scared of going to China because I’m not a very adventures diner i.e. Monkeyshit and Cockroach flambé is not something I want to taste, ever.

2. When someone responds to your post, do you think one reply to their comment is enough, or should it go back and forth as long as it can?

Only if the comments are funny.  Kidding. 

I truly appreciate every comment I get and those quick conversations is how we built a community.  It takes time to not just click the like button.  I love comments.  Giving and getting them.  I always prefer to get in the final word, so about going back and forth, Bring it on.

3. How many languages do you speak?

Two and a quarter. 

English is my second language which should explain my limited vocabulary.  I LOVE the thesaurus and synonym function on MS Word and abuse it constantly.  My first language, the one I speak most of the time is Afrikaans, which sort of sounds like a mix between German/Dutch/Russian; spoken at the speed of light. 

(The quarter is for the Spanish lessons I tried two years ago.  Ole! )

4. What are the funniest things your children have said they want to be when they grow up?

To be like me!  I thought that was hysterical!

5. Where is the first place you will travel, once you are ‘free’ to travel ‘freely’?

I would love to tour the USA from East to West, there are so many amazing sites and cities to absorb.  I’ve only been to a limited few, but my two weeks there was amazing.  There will be a definite stop @ Disneyland.  For the kids obviously!

6. When you “Checked The Mirror”, did your wife say you still fit the profile?

Goodness No!  Woman marries a man whom they claim to love, only to spend the rest of their life trying to change him into something perfect.  I am a work in progress.  Under construction if you will.

7. Are your children ever embarrassed by you, or do they always think you are the cool dad?

The only weapon I have is collecting lead superhero figurines, and by showing off my collection to their friends, I get a very small jump in the cool-dad-index.  Another point is gained by being the only parent who agrees to act as a chaperone for Superhero movies.  Other than that not really.  And it’s not like I am not trying!  But they tolerate me…

8. Have your children read your blog, and if so, what have they said about it?

My son has given me the greatest gift ever when he was sitting on my lap as I was browsing through some of my posts.  He actually read a few and exclaimed at one point: “They’re pretty good dad.”  I love him so much more after that and modified my will accordingly.  Princess is currently behind on the ratio; 65:35.  She’s got some catchin’ up to do.

9. What is your favourite holiday to share with your family?

To quote that black singer/idol judge with the big ti.., I mean voice: “Let’s go the beach, beach, let’s go get away…” We go every December during our summer break.  The four of us are pretty close, and not freaky close mind you, but we do enjoy eloping from our normal social circles and monotonous everyday life to go built sand castles and do nothing.

10. What irritating ‘pokes’ does your wife give you, that teach you, and make you love her all the more.

 I’m normally the one who does the poking. 😉  Besides I don’t think it’s humanly possible for me to love her anymore than I do now…

And thus I wave goodbye to all my fellow linky-party connections.  May we all have an awesome weekend!  There is a song in my heart, here goes:

“I read you, you read me

We’re a happy family

With a great big ‘Hi’ and a note between us two

Won’t you click my like thing too.”

Hate that frigging Dinosaur…

Here is the which I am not sure would work, but here’s hoping…


30 thoughts on “AskAwayFriday – Round 2

  1. lol my son hates me to meet his friends or go any where with him. I had him when I was 20 and I don’t look like a mom to a kid of 23 years. So its either people think he’s going out with a woman older than him or his friends are looking at his mom in a way he would rather not deal with lol


    • Yes I’m on twitter, but I suppose we can’t really evaluate the comprehension of the English language amongst humans who use acronyms and abbreviations for everything. WUWT… Did I just create one? I’m freakin’ out people….


  2. Everytime I come to your questions I know it’s a guarantee that I am going to laugh out loud. You and Miss Effie had me cracking up for sure this time. Love her blog too! I wish I had more time to browse more blogs though. I need to read more of both of your posts! I do this browsing in between domestic engineering! LOL! I’m wondering if I’ve heard your first language before. I saw a movie with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon about the South African Rugby team. I’m wondering if Africaans is the language some of the South Africans were speaking…hmmm…:)



    • The language you heard in that movie is indeed Afrikaans. It’s also briefly spoken by Charlize Theron in the movie 2 Days in the Valley. If you want to get a great version of a South African accent, watch the movie District 9 and NOT Blood Diamond.

      I am happy to have made you laugh out loud, and here’s hoping you’ve been able to put yourself together after cracking up…

      Thanks again for stopping by.


  3. My kids used to be incredibly embarrassed by the fact that I take pictures of the entire team at their soccer games. I think the turning point was when they realized how cool their friends thought it was to get those pictures, because otherwise they’d have none. My daughter’s friend told me once, “I love your pictures, I wish my mom took some.” I think she started to appreciate it more then.


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