Just a quickie…on Miley

Who probably had a lot more than just the one I’m offering…

I was tempted after watching her atrocious music video of “Wrecking ball” to have a paternal fit about lost youth and disgraceful girls.  I decided not too add fuel to the fire that is the controversy that is Miley Cyrus.  I have given her way more attention than she deserves already.  And by writing this I am probably sending a few of you right over to YouTube to add to her record-breaking piece of crap.

I’M WARNING YOU!  It can NOT be unseen.  But the bottom line is this:

She is grown up. I get that.  She embraces her sexuality.  I get that.  She wants to explore new things.  I get that.  Hannah was a character.  I get that too.  She actually wants to look like a slut.  Yes, I even manage to understand that. (Even if it is with a slight twitch in my left eye)

But making out with a sledgehammer?  WTF?  The girl needs help or a real boyfriend.


2 thoughts on “Just a quickie…on Miley

  1. I was so tempted to google Wrecking Ball, but stopped myself because there is no way something as atrocious as that will have one more view.
    Sledgehammer? Really? I don’t even want to imagine it.


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