Newsflash #16 – Guess who has a guest post!

When I was sixteen I thought my parents were stupid.  It took me another sixteen years to realise they were not.

Ah Dad

Me, me, me. Happy, happy, happy. Will drink some wine, wine, wine.

I submitted a blog post to the man/woman/writer/editor/people over @ the Official How to Blog and they thought it good enough to feature on their blog today!  Check it out!

So this is how it must feel when the publisher sends you your first copy of the novel you have worked on for ten years?  Or getting an Acadamy Award nomination?

Yes, I know.  It’s not about recognition, it’s about the love of writing…


12 thoughts on “Newsflash #16 – Guess who has a guest post!

  1. I like your post, I didn’t realise it was a guest post at first. You reminded me of all the reasons I hated working in an office! Although now I live in South Korea and get messages from my boss like this: ‘Hello, weather is cold these days. Wrap up warm and careful not to catch a cold^^’ It sounds caring, but really it’s her subtle way of saying ‘Don’t you dare get sick and miss a day of work this winter!’


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