My moment at a wedding


No, it’s not the real McCoy it’s borrowed from

We recently attended a wedding of a nephew.  It’s really spectacular to be invited to these functions because at a certain stage of your life weddings and births slowly turn into funerals and eulogies.  And we are now in the in-between-phase.  That point in your life where jack-shit happens.  The only spark of a social event is a forty year-old birthday party every now and again.

Things haven’t change since I last attended a wedding.  The bride looked amazing in a big white meringue dress with a trail.  The groom looked surprisingly handsome, although even Frankenstein would look semi-presentable in a tuxedo.  At least he wouldn’t ruin all the photo’s.   All three bridesmaids looked extremely uncomfortable in their weird colour, same themed dresses, which they will NEVER wear again.  The three best men were standing big-chested, probably thinking about all the single lady reputations that will be ruined during the course of the evening.

The wedding march struck its first notes and doors swung open.  People stood up in unison like a programmed robot army and the little girl throwing rose petals didn’t trip or fall.  Success!  Then the bride appeared in the opening and everyone gasped.  A few mom’s (and dads) cried.  The reverent spoke,  rings were exchanged and the groomed kissed his bride.  Popcorn replaced confetti. WTF?

The speeches were boring, but the MC was hilarious. (Yes, it was I) and the food was excellent.  Dessert was a buffet so the wife was in heaven and I was slightly annoyed at the constant queue at the bar.

In order to prevent the piece from becoming to cynical, there were moments of greatness like the groom singing a song, and the father dancing with the bride, very uncomfortable though because without the 27 inch heels, her dress was a tad too long.  It was time for the bride and groom to sway through their interpretation of a romantic song and the floor was opened.  They dimmed the lights to allow the people without alcohol induced courage to join in. The wife and I laughed as we spun around the floor in our own little blissful world.

Then came my moment…

I stood up and walked purposefully to her chair.  She was playing with her hair, twirling it around her fingers.  Sitting in quiet awe, watching everyone intently.  I pulled out her chair and asked her for the next dance.  She looked up, beaming with a blend of excitement and shyness, placing her hand in mine.  Together we walked onto the dance floor.

I told her how beautiful she was in her little black dress with the silver sandals.  I took her gently around her tiny waist and she placed her hand on my shoulder.  Then we danced.  And her eyes sparkled.

I knew the song would end and I didn’t want it to.  I wished that time could slow down, wished that our moment would last forever.  I wanted to keep her as close to me for eternity, never letting her go.  I knew it wasn’t meant to be.  One day she would become that striking lady in the white dress.  She will be a radiant and astonishingly gorgeous bride.  She will marry the luckiest man alive.  (I just pray that he doesn’t turn out to be a prick.) And then he will be the man who make her eyes smile, just like I did in that precious moments.

Our song ended with the last verse fading into silence.  She looked up into my eyes and grinned with a wide, happy mouth.  I lifted her high into the air and swirled her one final time.  She giggled loudly and before I placed her on the floor she said: “Thanks daddy, I love dancing with you.”

She scurried over to my wife and as my love caught my gaze, I had to blink to keep the tear from rolling down my cheek.


15 thoughts on “My moment at a wedding

  1. Awww that was sweet! I never danced with my dad, not once so I made sure that before I die I would see my daughter dance with her father. They did, on her first birthday. We gave her a mini-sweet 16 birthday. You should have been the MC 😉


    • Thank you. The wife and I enjoy throwing ourselves around a dance floor in beat to music, so it was kinda obvious that my kids would follow suite. Just didn’t think that the first moment when she would not be standing on my feet would effect me so much.

      The grow up to fast dammit!


  2. Spent all morning at your blog. Love it. This post brought tears to my eyes and makes me want to rush to my daughter’s school, drag her out of class, and give her a huge hug.


    • I am thrilled for every new follower. Welcome to my ramblings and spills of laughter and love. May you be entertained every time you visit.

      Thank you!

      PS – Give her the hug. Go. Now. I said go…


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  4. This brought tears to my eyes. My dad died two years ago. I have a vivid memory of dancing with him at my older sister’s wedding when I was 14. It makes me so sad to think that he won’t be there to dance with me on my own wedding day. It’s great that you are cherishing the moments and giving your little girl great memories.


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