Man of Steel. The movie, not me.

I’m sexy and I know it…

For those of you who are still ignorant to the fact, I’ll confess again.

Hi, my name is Pieter and I am a geek.  It has been 17 days since my last superhero movie viewing.  I am in desperate need of a sponsor.

Based on this notorious truth, friends who have become followers have asked me why I haven’t posted a review for ‘Man of Steel’, since I was raving about the movie so much that some people wanted to put me down.  Seriously, my wife would have consider it a mercy killing.  Needless to say my non-geek, uncultured love of my life did not watch the movie with me.  It was me, a friend and my son.  So the question beckoned why did I bother to write a review of The Grey and not one for the Man of Steel?

Well the obvious answer is that this blog is not a movie review platform.  It’s a blog of stories and opinions and other shenanigans that happen in my life that I report on.  Sometimes a movie will surprise me in such a way that I will sit watching the end credits roll and think WTF?  Why didn’t I see that coming?  It doesn’t even have to be a great movie, just an unexpected one and those I write reviews on.  I can assure you it doesn’t happen often.

Man of Steel was good and I expected it to be just that.  But in support of my love for the latest outing of the Son of Krypton, here is my quick review.


Who knew that the filmmakers would find an actor that embodied Clark Kent as effectively as Henry Cavil did.  It seems as if he was born to play that role.  It remains one of the best casting choices in recent history and it was great to see our titular hero being the buffed version that we see in the comics.  My only complaint being that I am sick and tired of being the inspiration for these physiques without getting any credit whatsoever.  I have feelings too,  you know.

The supporting cast was also pretty amazing, and being such a HUGE fan of the girl from Enchanted, I was sold on Lois Lane.  I am just wondering what the acting bill must have been like with all those famous people playing comic book characters.  And was anyone else surprised that the guy who danced with wolves is actually still alive?

The fighting sequences towards the end of the movie was astonishing and can only be described as destruction-porn.  The Avengers need to take notes on how to destroy buildings.  Some might argue it went slightly overboard, but I think it showcased Superman’s strength and speed accurately for the first time on the big screen.  Besides it was fun to watch.

The set pieces of Krypton really impressed me and I felt sad when the planet exploded in half like a dropped egg.  I would definitely pay some cash to see a few stories that is set in that world.  And yes, even though any person with testosterone and half a brain knows the back story to Superman, I think they nailed it this time around.  They even made some sense of the letter on his chest.

Talking about the costume, thanks for keeping the jocks where they’re suppose to be and not skimping on the cape.


Russell Crowe appearing throughout the movie, even though he died in the beginning.  Oops was that a spoiler?  He kept on appearing as a dead man talking.  I know it’s fiction and I understand that Kryptonians are light years ahead of earth when it comes to technology but even that was a bit hard to swallow.  A hologram would have been fine.

*Spoiler alert* Why would they turn Clark Kent into a wimpy guy hiding with his mom under a bridge when a tornado hit?  He literally watched his dad die.  Why?  Come on people he is Superman, he moves with the speed of light.  In all the chaos of flying debris during a twister would it really have been so far-fetched to allow him to save his dad?  For goodness sake it was the same movie where he held up an oil rig and had a dead talking father!

In the destruction of the city countless lives were obviously lost, no matter how effective the escape plans of Metropolis might have been, maybe they could have mentioned that somewhere in the closing chapters of the movie.  With Clark and Lois working at a newspaper an alien invasion would have been BIG news, almost like Miley Cyrus killing Hannah by twirking and the casting of Ben Affleck as the next Batman.

So my friendly followers.  Hope you’re satisfied now.


I won't bite, I promise...

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