Why do heroes fall?

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I wrote this piece shortly after the news broke of Oscar Pistorius allegedly killing his girlfriend. With the commencement of his trial I decided to post it again, for it still remains the biggest story to hit South Africa in 2013. For all the wrong reasons, obviously.

Ah dad...

It is all over the news by now.  Unless you do not have Internet, or cannot access CNN or BBC or SKY then this would be news for you:

Oscar Pistorius, the Bladerunner,  shot his girlfriend yesterday in the early hours of the morning, killing her.

Understand this:  Even in a country where random acts of violence are being reported daily, this is still the most shocking news to come out of our country in a very long time.  People are stunned and sad and shocked.  We don’t even want to talk about it.  Everyone is just filtering information, processing this in silence.  When the story broke, most of us simply did not want to believe it.  (Writer included).   How can one of the most inspirational and influential South Africans of the last decade turn out to be a murderer?  How can the poster boy of South African sport suddenly turn into a criminal, a…

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