aWishaWeek #4 – Be yourself cause no-one can do it better.

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

Amazing words from a very strange little perfectionist called Dr Seuss.  Why do I say strange?  Well, I am convinced he was on crack or some other hard drugs for most of his life.aWishaWeek

But please calm down, those with that awful frown, for your stones and sticks might hurt me, but closing this tab will cause me to pee… from my eyes, so just consider this:

He created characters the likes of a Lorax, Who’s, a Grinch and a frigging Cat in a Hat?  Most people who lived through the seventies would confess seeing the same oddities when they were higher than the Empire state.  They just didn’t have the vision of writing stories about them.  Most probably because when these creatures left their houses again they were stuck in front of a fridge for seven hours fighting the munchies.

Ok maybe I’m being too cynical, there has never been any proof of drugs, although there was this one incident in college with gin and nine friends…  Mankind also discovered recently that drugs can go undetected for six, seven, even ten years. (Wow the work-out this morning really made my arm strong today…)

I am forcing myself away from this topic…

My next wish in an on-going series of aWishaWeek… blah blah blah.  In order not to bore my regular readers, their might be someone out there reading this with question marks in their eyes or what I like to call a WTF-expression, just read the background to this weekly series here.

I wish that the two of you remain forever true to yourself.  I wish that you embrace every single thing that makes you the uniquely wonderful creatures that you are.  There might be flaws; like crooked teeth, (that we are busy solving by paying for a new beach house in the Bahamas of our local orthodontist), and the load voices, (which comes in very handy in a busy mall, almost like a tracker unit for dad).

But the bottom line is that you were created perfectly, having every characteristic you would need in order to find your perfect place in the sun, to discover your destined position in society.  Being different is being alive, because being the same as everyone else is just PLAIN BORING.  Be who you want to be, not what people expect you to be.

I wish that you accept all your own talents and all your shortcomings and be able to retain the perfect blend of uniqueness that mom and I see in you every day.  That perfect blend of humanity that makes you the most wonderful children any parent could ever ask for.  To the Blue Genie out there, make sure that my boy and my girl retain their love of life, their keen sense of wonder and have just enough confidence to be themselves, standing out from all the rest.  (But not too much confidence…)

They say no-one is perfect, but it also has to be said that you are the only person who can be you and the only one who can do it perfectly.

Till next week, and by the way I LOVE Dr Seuss, and he never used drugs, unless weed was considered a drug in the fifties, then I give up.


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