aWishaWeek #3: Your own happy pill

aWishaWeekSomeone once said “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”  OK, it wasn’t just anyone it came out of the mouth of Aristotle who was this famous Greek philosopher in ancient times. (And if you really bored you can read his life story as per Wikipedia here.)

Bottom line he was clever.  A modern day Stephen Hawkins, but not in the reality theory kind of way, in a life skills sortaway. For a very old guy, living in ancient times, he was on to something, which brings me to my third wish that you should carry with you to adulthood.  My wish is that you have the fundamental understanding that the only person that can make you happy in life is… You.

So many people go through life with goals of attaining happiness and they search for it aimlessly in oddities like money, relationships, work, travelling and possessions.  Like trying to find an Oscar winning performance in any Adam Sandler movie, it’s just never gonna happen.   It might look like the right recipe on paper but once mixed, baked and shoved in the oven the cake will turn out be a turd.  People who embark on a journey to find happiness will never find success unless they are happy first.  A conundrum?  Maybe.

To be happy is a state of mind, a by-product of life you might say.  It’s a result of being in an awesome place, and not in a who wants to be a millionaire kind of way, but in a being human kind of way.  Several quotes exist expressing the notion that happiness is the result of being in a place where you want to be, finding that specific space where the shape and sentiment of your situation fits like a glove.

So that is my third wish for the two of you, that life will create the doors to your happiness and that you may have the wisdom to open them at the right time.  Here’s wishing that you will find your glove in life, your perfect spot where the sun shines expressively birght so you can grow into the happiest flowers known to man.


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