Newsflash #12 – aWishaWeek


A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.

Robert Frost

We all know by now that I have the greatest kids in the world.  Seriously.  It’s no joke.  They are.  Mostly due to the influence of their Mother.  I’m the fun dad…

The original intention of my blog, a few months ago, was to create stories/lessons for my kids to read one day when they’re really bored.   I have come to realise that the blog morphed into something bigger than that original idea.  Now it consist of photo’s, short stories, rants, and just about anything, a real fruit salad of things oozing from my mind.

So I decided to start with my own feature aWishaWeek, where I will jot down something I wish for my kids every week.  Things that they can shove in their backpack on the road to adulthood and then hopefully some big blue Genie escapes from a lamp one day and grant me my wish/es.  If not, maybe the seed will fall on fertile soil and it will sprout into wondrous trees bearing luscious fruit.  But you know kids…

Wait, my kids are perfect.


5 thoughts on “Newsflash #12 – aWishaWeek

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