Victim…Victor? You choose.

A loyal follower of mine, commented on the fact that my recently posted fictional stories shows an affinity towards underdogs.  It was a great comment, because it’s true, but there is a method in my madness.

The characters I create all have a proverbial suitcase they carry around with a lot of bad shit packed tightly.  In some weird way, they are forced to open the suitcase and deal with the contents.  In most cases they rise above the darkness hidden in those bags and convert the content into a useful skill set, allowing them the opportunity to help others deal with their own suitcases.  Confused? Check out two of my stories.  Here, here and here.  Ok that’s three.

The reality is that victims and underdogs are part of modern society just like McDonald’s and Coke.  They’re everywhere.  In the remotest parts of Africa you’ll find the big red sign with the  white lettering, giving you a change to buy the famous soft drink.

Somewhere in the world, right at this moment a kid is being bullied, or a woman is being assaulted by a loving husband or worse.  Men are sitting in offices struggling with feelings of self-worth.  People are being hurt; everywhere, while. I. am. typing. this.   Wake up and smell the coffee.

Evil sprouts everywhere, its tentacles seeking innocence, anticipating destruction.  Families, marriages, relationships, individuals.  And the residue of this violent attack are the victims lying scattered everywhere, struggling to put the pieces back together.  Individuals struggling through hell with broken bones, bruised faces, crushed ego’s and shattered hearts.


I hate any form of violence.  I hate any form of abuse.  And I hate what it does to the victims.  The deed might be horrendous but the aftermath of the deed is sometimes much worse.

My message is clear.  DON’T REMAIN A VICTIM! By staying a victim you have not only lost the battle, but you are losing the war.  You’re allowing the evil blemish to soak into your soul.

I have to accept that bad things happen to good people.  I don’t understand it, I don’t know why it happens and I don’t like it, but in our dog-eat-dog world the good guys doesn’t always get to the top.  Herein lies the conundrum.  How we react to the bad things that happen to us, remains a choice.  In a lot of cases, an extremely difficult one, but a choice nonetheless.

We have to get up and move on, take the suitcase and deal with the dark contents.  Find help if you can’t get the lock open on your own, because the only alternative for moving on, would be to remain on the ground, get left behind and just wilt away.  Or become a villain.

So it seems my convictions are appearing in my short stories too.


6 thoughts on “Victim…Victor? You choose.

  1. How did I miss this? Been in and out of this world due to the Mister V being ill and all.
    As of this writing, I am still not sure if I am a victim of the world or a victim of my own demons.
    Quite a thought provoking post my friend 🙂


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