News doesn’t always make me smile, but sometimes a headline makes me feel all giddy and happy.  I have posted my love for the movie Pitch Perfect before and my adoration for all things Anna Kendrick is well known.  What might not be common knowledge is our household theme song for the past few weeks: Whem I”m gone (Probably better known as the Cup song), performed by Her Awesomness.  I use the word perform specifically because it’s one of the most entertaining pieces of music I have heard in a very long time.  Your life will be better if you watch the clip.

My daughter has spend numerous hours (and several Gigs of data) learning the cup sequence from good old Youtube, which she now can do, albeit semi-successfully.  Maybe I will post her effort here sometime.

As an avid follower of the Billboard 100, I was happy when the song appeared on the chart shortly after it’s release.  It was great to see the song move up the ranks with the lightning speed of a snail.  Now after 28 weeks, I am as happy as a 40 year old dad can allow himself to be over a song, because l read that Anna Kendrick and her Cup song broke through the Top 10 of the chart this week.  Great going everyone!  The next round is on me!!

Amidst rap, sex, grinding bodies and Disney alumni grinding their bodies, it’s awesome to see a great piece of music getting some units moved. (By the way when did Selena and Miley grow up?)

Anyhow, It’s a pleasure.  Be happy and read this article.


You gonna miss me when I’m gone…Go Anna! Go Anna!

18 thoughts on “You gonna miss me when I’m gone…Go Anna! Go Anna!

    • I agree, but I loved seeing her practice and never giving up, especially in those moments when she shoved the cup of the table.
      Hilarious, but the wife and I laughed in silence. 😉


  1. I see a dark black box. Is that supposed to be there? LOL
    I honestly do not know who Anna Kendrick is 😦 Does that mean that I’m old? But I know Katy Perry, Firework has been our official household theme song for well over a quarter now thanks to my 2 year old’s affinity to Madagascar 3 🙂


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