Newsflash #10 – RICOCHET TUESDAY

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.


I have a following here which I am really proud of.  Granted, it’s not an Army, but it has been growing steadily and remains my biggest daily compliment.  It’s a bunch of great people with an obvious appreciation for the finer, greater things in life. 😉

Having posted several pieces since embarking on this amazing journey of blogging a few months ago, I decided it’s time to revisit some of my first attempts @ writing.  I will be taking one historic post every week and with the amazing editing abilities provided by my computer and brain, I will remove some cobwebs, add a splash of polish and just refresh them before throwing it out there in the blogosphere again.

Newcastle night (4) copy

I will repost them under my new feature: RICOCHET TUESDAY with the hope that it will blow you away.  I am doing it for my new followers who might have missed earlier posts and also for my own benefit to ensure that my earlier attempts at writing are still presentable.  (Not that I think my current stuff is presentable, but here’s hoping I improved slightly.)

Hope you like the idea, and if you do, DUCK for the first one is coming back very soon…


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