Be the Hulk

Newcastle night (4) copy

Ah dad...

There are two kinds of people in this world.  (Probably the nine most quoted words of the English language)  But only because it’s true.

Type 1:  Heroes.  Ordinary people who “always look on the bright side of life…” (Who is whistling?) People who allow their inner superhero to shine, who saves the world one day at a time.  People who unknowingly makes the world a better place for all they come in contact with.   Leaving a fragrance of positivity that rubs off on anyone passing by.  Those people you want to know, people you want to spend time with, people like my wife.  You almost want to run after them, want to cling to there legs, like a desperate child, longing to absorb their energy, their essence…for they raise you up…  Ok, let’s not get carried away.  You get the idea.

Then there is type 2: Villains.  People who basically do none of the above.  They just…

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