You caught the truck. Then what?

ID-10051874Most of us has seen dogs going ballistic when a vehicle passes by.  Doesn’t matter if it is a truck, bus, car or bicycle.  There is something about a moving object that just triggers some dogs to chase.  And if they are unleashed then they end up charging at full speed, bumping anything in its way, toddlers, old ladies, dustbins and even other dogs.  They chase frantically, barking loudly, consumed to catch the monster on wheels that dared pass his owner’s driveway.

I often wondered what they will do if they caught it?  What if my gay French poodle actually succeeded in catching up with the big blue truck who noisely, rumbles pass our house.  What will he do when he grabs hold of the tyre between his teeth?

Sometimes things happen to humans and they act like the dog who finally caught up with the truck.  And once we do, then we simply doesn’t know what to do with it.  It’s those moments when you really hoped something very specific would happen, or that something would change and then when it does, is blows your socks off.  It’s chasing the daydream for so long to only wake up and realising it is now a striking reality.

If you’re like me, and sometimes battle to get to 1st base and then low and behold you hit a home run, then you probably sit down and say: “Oh shit!”

Why is that?  Do we doubt ourselves to much?  It is because it happens unexpectedly.  Maybe we think we don’t deserve it.

I think the shock and disbelief we experience when something good happens, is born in a deep, dark place where our own doubts and fears reigns supreme over a positive attitude and a drive for success.  Whatever the reason, I need to tell you, when you catch up to that truck, when you experience that Oh shit, OMG or WTF moments in your life…Enjoy it!  Grab it with both arms and embrace it, tear that mother moment to shreds.

Everyone deserves it because even a broken clock is right, twice a day.  The trick is to know when it happens.  To identify the moments when the blue truck passing your house slows down, to give you enough time so that with little effort you can chase it barking and focused and catch the damn thing once in your life.

And most probably, when you look up, with the tyre in your mouth, you’ll notice that the blue truck has a bell and is serving the greatest ice cream known to man…


I won't bite, I promise...

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