Greed on display

File:NBC Take It All .jpgI know there is crap on television everyday.  It is a fact that modern man/woman/child may spend countless days watching bull shit in their living rooms.  I also accept the fact that the viewer chooses, out of his own free will, what he/she wants to watch, as the flick of a button doesn’t take that much energy.

When I’m bored and I surf a little, I sometimes stumble on actual proof that our society is sliding down a bannister into the pits of hell, case in point this post.  Other times I actually want to watch a program with an interesting concept, only to end up believing that we might as well be living in the Hunger Games, the only difference being children are not killed for entertainment…Yet.

New case in point, an American game show called Take it all.

The premise, for those of you who haven’t watch it, five contestants pick numbers and receive prices valued in a specific price range.  Every round the person who picks the lowest priced item is eliminated.  There is therefore some skill involved in your ability to guess the price tag on random articles such as a boxing ring or a photographic booth.  (Which was two of the prices on the show I watched)  You can either pick a number or take one of the already chosen prices from the other contestants.  As you progress to the next level you retain the prices you picked.

Until there is only two contestants left, then there is a PRICE FIGHT.  Also announced with a lot of fanfare.  This is where I got sick.

Each contestant has two options.  They can choose “Take it all” or “Keep mine”.   When both contestants select “Keep mine”, they walk away with everything they have won. If only one person selects “Keep mine”, the one who picked “Take it all” walks away with all the prices collected by both finalists.  Opponent get’s nothing, nada, zilch.  Not even a pat on the back.  The tricky part is when both of them choose “Take it all” both contestants end up with nothing.  Wikipedia said the final round of the game is based on the Prisoner’s dilemma.

We know game-show producers are some of the most twisted bastards alive, so to add insult to injury, both contestants pick an envelope with a cash value ranging from 25 to 250 k, and it’s added to the basket of prices.

Sounds like fun?  I though so too.

Then I saw the reality of the game playing out last night.  I knew now what a modern day, real life villain looks like.  Forget the Joker, Sebastian Shaw or any guest from the Jerry Springer show.  There was a guy last night who resembled the lowest of the low on offer on the shelves of homo sapiens integrity.  This excuse of a man had the ethic and moral fibre of a snake.

Both contestants had the chance to discuss their choices and both decided that they will pick “Keep mine”, listening to both of their emotional stories of loss and wanting to give something back.  Then Captain Prick, whom I will hit in the face if ever I see him in real life, screwed his opponent and took everything from the poor girl on the left.  That must have been a really proud moment for his parents whom realised that they have raised the biggest ass alive.

“Only a game”, you might say, “Chill out brother.”  I am not your brother, anyhow…

It is a game based on greed.  It’s a game that takes one of the seven deadly sins and twists it into fun, exploiting the carnal desire of WANT for our entertainment.  Seeing how one person can be so conniving, spiteful and deceiving is NOT fun.  It stimulated my need to vomit and cry at the same time.  The wife and I just sat there dumbstruck and went into parenting mode immediately, as our kids were watching this “family entertainment” with us.

Is this what we do for entertainment now?  It this the kind of thing people want to see?  I  understand that the players signing on for the show knows the risks involved, but why she didn’t beat the shit out of him is beyond me.  That is control, with a capital C.  I can’t remember seeing such an obvious, in-your-face, display of greed, since I watch Se7en.

What are we suppose to do now, in that specific timeslot, on a Sunday afternoon?  I say let’s kill kittens, because it would probably make me less sick.


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