For my love, my wife.


Before I start, I have to warn my regular readers of what will follow, especially if you’re a guy.  It’s gonna get soppy.  The cheeziness and emotional outpour will fill your screen and spill out in one big, slobbering mess, jamming your keyboard.  The single men will be sick, and the married men will hate me and then most probably puke.  Because this is another post for my wife.

It’s for the one person God arranged for me to meet so she could be my anchor, my own little reality check.  For the one who gives me a fundamental understanding of how great life is every time I wake up in bed, next to her.  For the one with the amazing blue-grey eyes that shine with the perfect blend of tenderness, kindness, humour and opinion.  For the one who curls up her nose when she giggles, and end up closing her eyes when it morphs into a full-blown belly laugh.

For the one who falls asleep on my lap, who prepares my favourite meal at least once a week. For the one with so much style and grace that it belongs in a magazine. For having the beauty and compassion that weakens my knees and melts my heart.  For knowing me in ways that I myself do not.  For highlighting my flaws, making me contemplate and improve the areas of my life that requires attention.  For making me smile every time I think of her.  For being funnier than I ever hope to be.

For making me look good in everything I do, for the constant support, for cheering me on from behind the curtain. For being my biggest fan. My own personal tonic. The one who does not only give me wings, but sustain the wind beneath them.

For the one who is connected to the moods and needs of my children, to the point of me thinking it’s a superpower.   For being the most caring mother I have yet to meet.   For taking the time to listen to each and every story each of us has to tell and for being genuinely interested in our frustrations and successes. For the one who does not just decorate our home, but creates a haven, a place of sanity, our sanctuary.  For your bottomless pit of empathy and joy. For being our centre, our pillar of love, our secretary of sanity in a house full of nuts.

For making us believe that the only thing you need is the three of us.

I am writing this for the woman I fall in love with every day, for the wonderful being that made me the happiest man alive, going on 17 years ago. Who still astonishes me daily with her wisdom, wit and compassion. For being the perfect, loving, best friend I could ever imagine to meet, nevertheless marry, my soul partner for life.

It is my honour to post this for my exquisite wife.


16 thoughts on “For my love, my wife.

  1. This is beautiful! I am sure most husbands feel the same way about their wives (at least I HOPE my husband does) but cannot express their feelings so eloquently. You should work for Hallmark! You are ahead of us by one year as it is our 16th anniversary on Friday. Of course, I did not get married until I was 40 and am now 56. Sagittarians don’t like to rush things!


  2. Wow!! She is a very lucky lady, and by the sounds of it, you are a very lucky man! It’s so refreshing seeing a man confessing his love so openly! You wrote beautiful words filled with so many emotions attached to them. Loved it 🙂

    I miss love letters, there is definitely something special in the words someone writes to you and the time they took to do it.


  3. Wow! Your wife is one lucky lady and by the sound of it, you are one lucky man! You wrote beautiful words filled with so much emotion! Loved it!

    I miss love letters. There is something special about the time someone took to write down words meant specifically for you. 🙂


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