Why I like Mondays.

ID-10049699No. It’s not a typo.  It is suppose to say LIKE.

I have to be honest, saying I like Mondays, I am by no means placing the dreaded first day of the week in the same category as strawberries, pizza, red wine or the Avengers.  Nor would it come close to reaching my preferred heights of summer holidays, Christmas mornings, a funny joke or the Avengers.

It’s probably more accurate to say that I don’t mind Mondays.  I will compare it to eating, shitting and shaving.  It is something we have to do, unless we want to starve, swell up or end up resembling Tom Hanks in Cast Away.  It is inevitable, there is really no choice in the matter, it will happen, irrespective of the tantrum you throw on a Sunday evening.  We have to endure.  So people, we have to grow a pair.  Contrary to most other homo sapiens I know, I don’t hate the day, for it is not winter mornings or spinach, or going to the dentist or getting a proctology exam.

ANYHOW… (side tracked again)

I like Mondays because of two reasons, one being Modern Family.  The funniest half hour of television since Friends ruined my life by ending its run.  Beside the fact that there are highly entertaining performances every week, the highlight of the show has to be the hilarity that is Sofia Vergara.  She must be one of the most talented, hot, voluptuous, uproarious women on the box at the moment.   The show sets the mood for my week as our little unmodern family cracks up at the weird things these characters puts themselves through.

The second thing I like about Mondays is the fact that it’s a new start.   The birth of another week, giving each of us the opportunity to re-program our brain.  To shake of the suck of the previous week and to re-adjust our base program and delete all the viruses.  A format of attitude if you will.

It’s the shower I take in the Monday morning when I wash away all the dread and negativity that clings to my skin.  It’s shaving of the growth of gloom and failure that might have seeped in during days passed.  It’s brushing away the sulking mood with fresh, minty optimism.  Putting on your underwear of attitude and the crisp new shirt and tie, made from determination and resilience.  Checking yourself in the mirror and then giving yourself a good-old, tough as nails, bitch-slap, right across the cheek.  Why? Because you most probably deserve one.

It’s about appreciating what we have and forgetting the things we desire.

It’s about absorbing good news and ignoring bad headlines.

It’s about laughing hysterically at happy stories and crushing gossip.

It’s about kissing the wife and hugging the kids on the way to work, thanking God for them and then whistling the latest tune from Flo-rida, whilst putting on a smile.  (One of the few things everyone still need and can easily afford.)

And the best thing about this attitude adjuster day, this Manic Monday, is that it keeps coming around and around again, a happy carousel.  If you miss this week, just wait seven days, there is another one already on its way.  Because every time the sun rises, LIFE stands on a cliff and screams from the top of its lungs, echoing wildly and energetically in the valley:  “A NEW DAY HAS COME” .  So let’s go and have a great one!


2 thoughts on “Why I like Mondays.

    • Maybe you are right, but the way people are complaining about getting into that routine reminds me of cats being bathed. So that’s why I assume they hate the day.

      Again my faithful follower, thanks for the like. How’s the book getting along?


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