For those who miss their dads

The sun has set, and the coldness of winter has creeped from the shadows and filled the air. Doors are locked and windows closed to keep the chilliness at bay. The night is coming, announcing the end of another day, another Father’s day.  Everyone in my house are snuggling with long pajamas and warm blankets, excitedly discussing the day. From the coffee in bed, to the hugs and kisses, the self-made cards and the pair of socks I got from the daughter. We reminisce on the time we spend today, the memories we created and all the laughs we shared on my special Sunday. It was awesome.

But it was sad too.  There were moments during my day where my heart leapt out of my chest, where tears jumped involuntary into my eyes.  Moments when we entered the restaurant to find the young widow with her family sitting quietly.  Her eyes so red that not even the make-up could hide the marks left but her tears.  Or when we were passing the house of my son’s friend whose parents are going through a divorce.  And I remember his sincerety and trembling lip when he told us.  So many stories of people having to cope today without their dads.  It breaks my heart.

It makes me hug my wife tightly, I makes me embrace my kids and never wanting to let them out of my sight.  If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, cherish them NOW, not tomorrow or next week, NOW, every waking moment of your life, cherish them, for who knows how long we have?

Life is not necessarily fair as divorce and death is something we have to deal with daily, but I realised again that those of us who are still lucky enough to have dads and moms and kids need to spread out.  It’s our duty to be aware of the sadness around us, and more so on days like today.  Let’s share the love, show support, make it a little easier.  For days like today are probably a little darker for them, the longing just a little more intense.

Let’s remember those who doesn’t have a dad who can tuck them in, or one who can carry them to bed, for those who miss the bearish hug and who will not hear a deep voice saying:  I love you, little one.

For all of those people who find themselves in this situation I pray that you find comfort and strength.  I hope that someone reached out and that there is someone watching you who really, really cares.

Happy Father’s day to all the single moms, the widows and the divorce’s.  To all the caregivers, the foster parents and grandparents.  To all those children who are missing their dads.

May life bestow some light on your life and make the happiness return to you very soon.


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