This is what it feels like

Heard an amazing song today, the title of my post, performed by an oddly named guy Armin van Buuren.  The song triggered some romantic impulse, spilling creative juices, resulting in me writing a poem, slightly unconventional, but still… I wrote a poem.  My reflections on what it would be like if I had to live without my love. (Gulp) Here goes…

How would it feel without you?
It’s really difficult to say.
Would I survive, will I even be alive?
I know it would be an horendous day.

For we are one, connected.
My life partner, entrenched in my soul,
forever there, a part of me.
Making you happy, my lifetime goal.

Like the Yin without the Yang
or Pamela Anderson without a tan.
Like a cop movie without a thug
or The Hangover without the drug.

Britney Spears without hair.
(Oh shit, we’ve already been there.)
Finding Nemo without Dory,
a writer without a story.

Like Horders without a house,
Disney without their mouse.
Like Gollum without his ring
and the Pope not wearing a goddamn thing.

It’s Star Wars without Darth Vader
and Luke fighting without a light saber.
It’s Youtube without cats
and the Full Monty without hats.

Formula 1 without a checkered flag,
Toddlers and Tiara’s without the drag.
Like a stripper without a pole,
or Meryl Streep without a role.

It’s Justin Bieber being a man,
and The Nanny without Fran.
It’s Nicky Minah without a single wig,
The Rock and Vin Diesel, not being so freakishly big.

Like Marilyn Monroe without the dress,
Charlie Sheen not being a total f%^*g mess.
And the Avengers without the Mighty Thor,
I could go on, for there are many more…

But life would never make any sense again
things would never feel right.
It would suck, it would hurt if I end up
not being able to hold you every night.



4 thoughts on “This is what it feels like

    • Well it’s never too late to acknowledge your love my friend. Sorry for the delay in posting if only I heard the song earlier, or didn’t get the idea to write about killing Bambi’s mom.

      Oh wait, that’s your fault! 😉


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