It turned into something more (Daily prompt: Goals)

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

I normally get these writing prompts and ignore them as I have enough crazy ideas for blogs floating in my head.  But ever so often you notice something, stroll by, stop, turn around and look again.

Why did I start?  Do I still have the same objective?  Shit, I know I am repeating the original author, but is that not the idea?  Those three sentences had thoughts jumping in my head like a bunch of tweenies at a Hannah Montana concert.

I always wanted to write, but never had the platform or guts, you choose.  Writing is a personal process for me as I can only write about stuff I know or feel or see.  I write as a witness, a reporter on life.  My brother in law kept on pestering me to take up blogging.  I remember that I was very reluctant, unsure, like standing on the edge of cliff, ready for base jumping but unsure whether the parachute will deploy.  Then there was a tragic turn of events when two young fathers I knew lost their lives in February.  Something pushed me of that cliff…my own mortality.

I am blessed with two amazing children and I was confronted with weird feelings of  “Do my kids really KNOW me?”  If I die tomorrow what would their perception of me be?  I know I am their father, but what do they know about my views, the things I love or hate, the things I laugh and cry about?  How will they know?  Is there enough time between parenting and work and living to allow them to get to know me?  I certainly didn’t know my dad that well when I was 13.  So the answer was obvious…Clear as day…

And it started.  I wrote stories daily about my life, my opinions, my views and my experiences.

And then it changed, not in a bad way, probably more accurate to say that it evolved.  I still have the ambillical cord attached to my initial goal, but the baby grew up.  This blog is so much more than stories, it’s an escape, its’ become my addiction.  I use it to experiment with words, to expirement with humour, to experiment with topics.  And the most amazing thing about it is that it’s alive!  There is an energy that flows through it, like the Frankenstein monster.  I love the fact that people react to my stories, they read it, some like it and some even take the time to comment and interact.

The blog is an expansion of my initial goal.  It has grown to something totally unexpected.  It is my source of escape, my ability to fly through the world of words, opening the steel doors to my mind and allowing expression that I never knew possible. Like a bird.  It freed my mind.

Now writing is ecstacy.  My other orgasm.


3 thoughts on “It turned into something more (Daily prompt: Goals)

  1. As a new blogger I enjoyed reading this. It is nice to hear that blogging is organic and is a living, breathing, morphing being. I like to think that mine will grow and change as I grow and change.


    • Yes it will, just be warned that there should have been a “highly addictive” warning on this website. Don’t say I didn’t told you so.. And by the way I also consider myself a new blogger.


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