100 is a high!!

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There are a few things that happened to me this year that I didn’t expect.  Winters are getting colder, I am having anxiety attacks about turning 40 next year and the wife gets prettier every day.  (Maybe that is where the anxiety attacks stems from, because in my case, turning prettier would not be an accurate statement.)  Then there is the fact that I reached 50 followers in March, got 500 likes in April and now I have an astonishing 101 followers on my blog.  Who knew?  It creeps me out a little.  In a good way though, like a good scary movie.

For the record, here is a shout out to for being that guy.  That amazing guy,  The guy who ticked my following into three didgets.  My hero for the day.   That 100th guy… Follow him please…

For years I was telling stories no one was interested in (the wife had to endure), I had opinions to share that could have saved lives and transform the world as we know it, but no one cared.  I was surrounded by people and never got one little “like” tick on any of my random moments of wisdom and humour.  Who knew that once I started to write these stories down, people  across the globe would actually be reading it!  That is pretty fucking amazing.  (I know, some might be surprised at the strong word I am using as this is a blog for my kids, but sometimes the English language fail me when I need a suitable adjective.)

These milestones I mentioned is like a bloggers 16, 18 and 21th birthday.  Forgive me, but I normally write sober, ok I lie, but while I am writing this I am having a celebratory glass of wine.  (Ok, more like a bottle, but see my bold statement above.)  Technically I don’t need a specific reason to drink wine, but that would just sound like I need more help than I already get.  What’s important is that you have to read quickly as the ramblings might disintegrate into those of a shocked, ecstatic, drunken, middle aged happy man.  You have been warned.

I have to confess something… I am still addicted to writing.  It is sad, and this might end up being a cry for help, but please let me know if there is anyone else out there who has WordPress Reader open on a separate tab in Explorer, ALL THE TIME?  It’s frigging counter productive people.  Not even Facebook and Twitter together; did half the damage to my work ethic than this damn site.  Checking stats, reading freshly pressed, following my favourites, and then that is not even counting the hours I spend actually writing.  It’s sick.

And it’s my fault.  I know, I have to be strong.  I have to close the tab.  Shut down and work.  But everytime the little pointer crosses the x in the top right hand corner I start to perspire and I have the urge to vomit.  I CAN”T!

I have learned a few things from blogging, and I will list them as I remember them.  Wait, just a moment….Ahh.  (Merlot is nice but Pinotage is better.)

Here goes, in no particular order:

1. There are really amazing, funny, inspiring  writers out there.  People that make me fall of my chair, people that make me weep a little, and others who entertain and challenge my paradigms on things.

2. People really like photo’s, and not necessarily mine, but photo’s in general.  Just check out my stats.  It obviously make for quick reading…  But if I had half the likes on my writing posts than I do on my photo posts, I would call Ellen and set up my own interview.  My confidence would be THAT high.

3. There are people who are more twisted than I am, evident in some of the ramblings of the blogs I follow.

4. There are people who’s lives are far more interesting than mine, evident in some of the blogs I follow.

5. People like stories of marriage and children that inspire them.

6. People love stories of marriage and children where someone falls down or make an ass of themselves.

7. Images might be subject to copyright. (I still feel like an idiot for not realising this since day one.  Every time I think about this fact, I feel the urge to stand in a corner and give myself a time-out.  It is moments like this that I am really concerned about my own intellegence and logic thinking capability.)

8. I am hooked on writing like I have never been hooked on anyting, EVER.  That is why I have a totally new understanding for writer’s block.  It’s like guys watching the game when the power trips.  No one gets up, you just sit there frozen in time (some guys with beer halfway to their mouths), waiting for the TV to light up again.  Sitting in silent anticipation, staring at the blank screen…  Oh the agony….Make it stop…

9. And hitting a 100 followers is an absulote fucking high.  (Sorry kids, it’s the wine)

Before I enter my rambling phase, battling to shee shtraigh (hic) and with the red wine almosht finish (hic), I will stop.

Thank you very much for all the support, I am beyond stoked… (No not stoned)

8 thoughts on “100 is a high!!

  1. WordPress is addictive, I agreee! My kids often hear “I can’t play with you at the moment, I’m working” translation…”go away I’m blogging/reading blogs”!!!!!


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