Man vs Woman vs Rock Concert (Post mortem)


We had a blast, even the wife.  Best night ever.  They performed for three hours.  All the hits, all the energy, all that money could buy.  Worth every single cent I spent on those rather expensive tickets.

So I’m back, and a little bit emotional and nostalgic that the weekend is over and I am stuck on reminiscing over the greatness, that was Bon Jovi.  Here is a short follow up on my last post.

The rain stayed away.  Bonus.  The stars came out in their hundreds and brightly lit the African sky throughout the evening, sparkling and smiling in support of a great band.  And all 67,000 of us was truly grateful for that.

They performed all the hits and then some, and after three hours I wasn’t sure who was more tired, our girls or Jon Bon Jovi himself.  (He is 51 after all) But he actually looked quite scary performing his last song “Always” as he was pulling awkward faces trying desperately to get the high notes of the chorus.  And the cameraman wanted to haunt our dreams with that image so he kept a tight close-up during most of the performance.

When one expect rain, you come prepared, so the wives opted for very colourful rain boots in anticipation of muddy grass.  (It was a slight overkill.)  For one, they covered the grass of the stadium with temporary flooring, and (2) Good walking shoes, does rain boots not make… (thanks Yoda)

Another thing I learned is when the average female height of the population of a country is 5″2 and the average height of men is 5″6′ and your wife is of average length, then she might end up not seeing that much of the stage.  She jokingly said that it was like listening to a cd for three hours, standing.  She could have observed some of the magic moments reflected in the eye of her husband, if she turned around, because at 6″4 I had a bird’s eye view, thanks to my Dutch ancestry.   (I don’t think the people behind me were that appreciative of my Scandinawian heritage)  Unfortunately I lacked the strength of my twenties, so the wife could not sit on my shoulders for the duration of the show.

One of the funniest things we saw was the “mature” lady in front of my wife, waiving her one fist in the air for the duration of the concert, whilst her hip seemed to have a direct nerve connection to that hand.  Her husband on the other hand looked like he lost a bet.  She was quickly dubbed “Tannie Vet Vuisie”. (Sorry for my English readers; as this name might be lost on you.)

All good things come to an end, and great friends, a lot of laughs, awesome music, my lovely wife and even more laughs is the secret to one of my best weekends ever.   (We should have gotten someone else to take the picture, as one of our mates is now missing from the photo, she’s holding the camera…and yes my wife is the short one…)

It was great to feel our little ones in our arms again yesterday, but the memory of this night will linger with me for a very long time…


One thought on “Man vs Woman vs Rock Concert (Post mortem)

  1. Love Bon Jovi! Livin’ on a prayer!!!! But as I am a bit older that you, I am more of a 60’s and 70’s rock fan. The talk here in the U.S. lately was about Richie Sambora, who dropped out of the tour for “personal reasons”. You did not mention this so I guess it did not affect the quality of the concert. You all look like a fun bunch of people and very “British” to me!


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