The female mind

My wife had the weirdest dream last night, so strange that I cannot fathom anyone contemplating it’s meaning on any level.  Not even theories of subconscious thinking can motivate the sequences she had last night.

This is the scene.  We were sitting on a beach somewhere.  (I was grateful to still be part of her dreams, never mind how weird they might be)  She was sitting in the sand waiting for me to finish something.  Don’t know what, but it obviously had to be something one would do on a beach.  Like tanning?  Building sand castles maybe?  Not sure.  Whilst waiting for me to finish whatever mysterious activity I was busy with, she started thinking about people losing money in the sand.  Maybe she can find something?

She started digging, right where she sat and as per her dream, she hit the jackpot.  Not just a few measly coins, but cold hard cash and heaps of it.  My wife basically told me that with every scoop of sand she had notes in her hand.  She did what any sane person would do in this situation, she tucked all the notes in her shirt.  After a while she looked up, with a shirt stuffed with cash, waived at me to come over and then, to her utter surprise, saw the person who left the cash in the sand, looking at her.

Before I continue, I need to check if all my readers are still on board,  I wouldn’t blame anyone for re-reading the paragraphs just to avail themselves of the facts.  It’s only just a dream. (Thanks Nelly!)

I don’t know who the person was, neither did she. (Obviously some stupid prick who hasn’t heard of banks before.)  But this is where it becomes interesting.  As law abiding citizens we generally stick to the right side of the law, maybe with a speeding fine here and there, but we don’t even litter!  Depressing isn’t it?  No, we are just domesticated.  In any case in this dreamscape version of us, we turned into a regular Bonnie and Clyde; you see we didn’t return the money, we decided to make a run for it.

I like to think that we got away with speed and agility and that I was the hero who made all the right choices during the chase.  I see the movie: Modern day thieves running from a beach; chased by a crazed lunatic who hid his cash in the sand!  And do you see the notes flying from the wife’s shirt whilst we run?

So we made it to the family car (I said we were domesticated, didn’t I?) and sped off.  We stopped at some random building, ran in, hiding amongst corridors and offices to eventually evade our pursuers, cash in hand, or rather in shirt…

As the wife was retelling her dream, I was anxiously waiting for the final scene, but alas like all great dreams, I never heard the ending, thanks to Mr Alarm Clock who started screaming @ 05h15.  But I can always try and write an ending… Nah.

There are so many questions I had for my wife, but I was so entertained by the dream, I didn’t ask a single one.  There might be some good reasons for the dream, some macabre meaning to it, but sometimes we should just do what the writer in Life of Pi did: Just enjoy the elaborate story, because like that movie, this was a good one.

Oh and one more thing, this dream is proof that the female mind are complicated and fascinating 24 hours of the day, not just when they interact with men.

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