Pitch Perfect

Picture this:  Me, driving around town, helping someone move house, whilst my little girl are practising drum beats on the dashboard, hitting it so passionately that I had to warn her that the airbags might deploy.  And she was doing this after seeing a movie, filled with brilliant performances, the most amazing music and a very specific song.

The movie is Pitch Perfect.  But this is NOT a movie review, because if it was I would give it 4.5 stars, because 5 stars are reserved for gems like Lord of the rings, Avatar and the Avengers.  (I am a geek)  This piece is about the wondrous effect a great movie has on my family.

The movie follows a few college Acapella groups who participate in a national competition of some sort.  And even though the destination might be predictable, the journey is definitely worth the effort.  The movie boasts an hilarious performance from Rebel Wilson in the character of Fat Amy.  Moments like “Horizontal running”; “So that bitches like you don’t call it behind my back” and “Mermaid dancing” will have you pausing the movie to recover from hysterics to prevent you from losing the plot.

The acting is only half the fun.  The musical arrangements of modern songs, is what really blew my mind.  You have to remind yourselves that these actors are performing these songs without any instruments, and that is truly inspiring.  I also come to realise that I hate celebrities who can act, sing, dance, and then also boast an 8 on the hotness scale.  Thanks Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow for making us normal people hate you even more.  (They really have amazing voices!)

Getting back to the music though.  My kids were so impressed with this movie that I had to get the soundtrack immediately, as each one in our family had a favourite song.  We got sick of rewinding and forwarding, and I knew a cd would be cheaper than a new remote.  So I got the soundtrack and at this moment Daddy Cool is in the house. I am prepared to ride this wave for as long as possible.  Being a newish blogger I know that my writing cannot do justice to my appreciation of the music of this movie, so I am not going to try.

What I can say is that after hearing the “Cup song” by Anna Kendrick, my dashboards is getting a severe beating every time Carli puts on the radio.  My son has now memorised every single word from the song of the Treblemakers final performance.  Even the rap sequence.  (The Treblemakers are the guy group featured in the movie)  Then last night he surprised us with some of the dance moves from the movie as well.  I cannot remember when I laughed so much at my kids.

Kudos to the filmmakers for making an excellent family movie, but an absolute high five for creating a soundtrack that carries the spirit of the movie for weeks afterwards.  This is why movies are great.  It creates scenes we remember, memories we cherish.  It allows for conversation, jokes, moments we can share whilst watching the pictures moving on the screen and then continue for countless hours afterwards.

So if you have not seen this movie, and you need some great, healthy family entertainment, and you love music, what are you waiting for?  Stop reading and rent the movie.

You can thank me later.


5 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect

  1. You sold me. I’m going to go buy this soundtrack for my daughter. She absolutely LOVED this movie. When I told her that I read online that they were making a Pitch Perfect 2 it was like I told her she was getting a new puppy.


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