News flash 5

Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes everyday, wisdom consist in not exceeding that limit.”  Elbert Hubbard


Wow! Wow! Wow!.  This is mind blowing to me.  I can just feel my brain matter pressing against my skull, probably due to the increased blood flow as my heart rate increased as a result of the adrenalin that flushed my system moments ago.  I read this: You’ve gotten 500 likes on…  (Forgive me for not being used to a lot of things in life!)  So thank you, thank you.  I must add that I did post a whopping 75 times since starting this blog way back in 11 January 2013.

Just for the record: Blogging has ruined my life.  I used to be a happy, resourceful, boring man.   Now I am a dribbling, shaking, temperamental fool when something prohibits me from writing.  Like sleep and work.  I just have to do it, it’s my drug.  Life is not passing me by anymore.  Curses!

I. Have. To. Write. Everyday.

But I am loving the support, I cherish the likes, and I admire the following, as you all motivate me to do this forever.  Maybe my kids will start reading it now…


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