Sleeping alone

We have a King-size bed.  Marvellous.  The problem is we only occupy two-thirds of it, so from an economical point of view, it was a bit of an overkill.  The problem is that after 16 years of marriage neither of us can fall asleep without some part of our bodies touching, whether it be a toe or a thigh or a thumb.

This might sound extremely romantic, but it creates a problem.

I travel for my work, not everyday but often. The one thing that doesn’t change irrespective of the country you might find yourself in, is the need to sleep.  So if your subconscious mind relies on the touch of your sleeping partner to shut down, and that person is not there, well then…You can count as many sheep as you want too.

I have tried numerous remedies, pillows, drinking, working, reading, but the absence of my wife in a hotel bed results in me being a raving insomniac.

When I say I sleep better in my own house, it  might just be the understatement of the century.

And this made me think about people and relationships.  My advice to young people would be to refrain from sharing a bed with anyone unless you know they are in it for the long haul.   Sleeping alone after sharing a bed with someone might be one of the most depressing things known to man.  It is not just the emptiness, it is the lack of presence, the lack of warmth and the persistent longing.  It is in that moments at the end of the day when you fall back onto your pillow and rush through the events of the day and you turn to find the familiar smile.  And it aches in an unimaginable way, when the smile is absent.  Memories and photo’s cannot fill the space left behind in a bed.

And the best form of bed sharing, is when the kids jump in on a cold winter’s morning and we cuddle and joke and talk and laugh.  Our own bed filled with happiness, something we wish we could keep forever, for that was the reason for our King size bed.

Let’s appreciate the people sharing our beds, let’s be sympathetic to those who are left to sleep alone and let’s teach our youth that they need to careful in choosing a partner because once your started sharing a bed, it becomes impossible or at least very difficult to sleep alone.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping alone

  1. Totally agree, I dread the rare occasions when my wife won’t be there beside me, funny thing is I’ve never told her that. After reading this I think I should let her know how important she is to my sanity and my ability to relax.


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