Parenting ABC

I wrote a post earlier this week, which was a lot of fun to do, an ABC on Marriage.  It inspired me to do another one for parenting.  (It just took me longer than I expected.) It is my ode to parents who share the joy and tribulations with me and my wife.

Here goes:

A is for Abstinence because I have to get the word in somewhere, maybe it will stick.

B is for Bratty that describes a behaviour every child will exhibit in their lifetime, irrespective of angelic appearance.

C is for Changing my life forever, for the better, in every way imaginable.

D is for Don’t let me tell you again!!

E is for Ever thought it would be so difficult?  And so much fun?  And so fulfilling?

F is for Fighting over the TV remote because watching the fourteenth repeat of a “Wizards of Waverley Place ” episode is not as much fun as you might think.

G is for Gorgeous, which pretty much sums up my daughter.

H is for Humour which is really cool once the kids developed a sense for one.

I is for If all you friends jump into a fire would you join them then?

J is for Jumping with joy when baby makes a poopoo in the potty and say Dada for the first time.

K is for Kid friendly movies, that doesn’t exist, even with an age restriction of 13.

L is for Learning new skills in parenting every time the kids have another birthday.

M is for Meaningful life which is only truly understood by those responsible for guiding young humans through the maze of life.

N is for Nothing which basically states what kids do around the house willingly.

O is for Original excuses and reasons given when caught red-handed with their hands in the cookie jar.

P is for Patience; just a different way of spelling Parenting.

Q is for Questions that echoes through your mind on whether you are making the right choices for the youngsters.

R is for Realising you sound just like your farther and understanding why he did and said those many unfair things.

S is for Screaming my lungs out at my son’s rugby match, turning into one of the crazed lunatics I swore I will never be.

T is for Tantrums that doesn’t necessarily stop when the kids pass the age of two.

U is for Unable to comprehend the nostalgia you will feel when they start doing things for themselves like tying shoe laces or buttoning a shirt.

V is for Very special moments like hugs and picnics and holidays and Christmas and watching them sleep.

W is for Wishing they could stay young forever.

X is for the tape across the broken window pane or the hugs and kisses on a self made Father’s day card.

Y is for Young, and the place where youth is wasted

Z is for Zebra.

To conclude, I read a quote once from someone who said: ” The older I get the wiser my parents seem to become.”


4 thoughts on “Parenting ABC

  1. Aww, you were going strong and then you mailed in “Z”!! Got s chuckle out of me though. I would have gone with “zoom” as in, theyre growing up too friggin fast! Kinda goes with “U” and “W”


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