Marriage ABC

Some time ago I received one of the biggest compliments any man can hope for, and no, it didn’t have anything to do with my bicep size or my car.  I am not a deuchebag…

Someone asked me: “What is your secret for having such a great marriage?”

My reply: “Fake it till you make it.” Obviously joking, but there are days where one does feel that the institution of marriage is the most ridiculous concept known to man; fortunately those days are few and far between.

In all seriousness, I was flattered to be considered as having a great marriage, but it’s easy when you’re married to the greatest woman alive!  The question got me wondering though and the obvious answers, when married to a mere mortal, would be: love, passion, attraction and compromise.  But we all know any relationship is a fruit salad of many things.

As a person who posts random stuff on the Internet, I decided to pin down my own version of the ABC, reflecting on my thoughts of a successful marriage.

A is for Attraction because no one wants an ugly bride. And a good personality is only discovered after an initial conversation.

B is for Before when you are still two seperate entities compared to After the ceremony when you become one.  The question beckons: Which one?

C is for Cooking and cleaning two very important abilities any wife should have.

D is for Deeds, those small things couples do for each other, like bringing beer, keeping quiet during a sport match, running a bath or bringing beer.

E is for Engagement or the time to get to know the in-laws really well, before it is too late.

F is for Forever together, only one person for the rest of your life…until you die…choose well. (No pressure)

G is for Gratitude for being married to a resourceful, attentive, listening, loving and caring man or a straight one.

H is for Humour, the most important thing in a marriage after S and L. It is the mortar that holds the bricks together, oh wait no, that is sex.

I is for I who doesn’t belong in any relationship, and should be replaced by U.

J is for Journey together with all the bumps, curves, potholes and speed limits that you will encounter while seeing breathtaking views and experiencing awesome things.

K is for Kissing and hugging and other important physical activities that I you like.

L is for Love in all sincerity; it’s like cake without batter, marriage just doesn’t exist wihout it.

M is for Murder which sometimes crosses your mind.

N is for Necessary to consider that everything that pops in your head doesn’t need to be said.

O is for Obviously there will be fights and disagreement but the secret is to Never go to bed mad.

P is for Paycheck which is brought home so that the wife can spend it.

Q is for Queen and the way you should treat your wife if you want to be a happy man.

R is for Remembering that the wife or husband you have was your boy/girlfriend first and you fell in love for a reason.

S is for Sharing everything: Time, money, love, life, friends, parents, siblings, opinions, joy, grief, good times, bad times, dinners, movies and off course the fun part, a bed. 😉

T is for Taking time out and getting away, alone or as a couple…

U is for Us, because any relationship is like the Tango, it takes two.

V is for Virtue and Trust the two other pillars of marriage along with H and L.

W is for Willingness to work on the relationship because like anything worth fighting for, it takes effort and commitment.

X is for XXXxxxxx saying I love you as often as you can.

Y is for You, who I love and adore with all my being, who gives me joy and strength, who knows my soul and makes me want to be a better man.

Z is for ZZzzzzzz which implies that you shouldn’t wake your partner everytime they snore.

And you thought I was going to be serious…


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