Saw an insert last night on Carte Blance, a South African actuality program, on grown men who fantasize and act-out being babies.  You probably need to read the opening sentence again.

Let’s move on.  There is a % of the human adult population who suffers from a condition called Paraphilic infantilism.  (This was all the research I could force myself to do on the subject.)  These men are from all walks of life and they have the desire to wear nappies, crawl on the floor, sleep in cots and suckle on a baby bottle. (Around 500,000 adults in the USA alone!)

There is nothing like seeing a half-naked, hairy man with a nappy and a pacifier, being stroked by some weird-looking female.  It will haunt your nightmares for the rest of your life, it cannot be unseen.  (I couldn’t even get myself to post a picture on the subject)

My question is why any grown man would have the desire to shit their pants, voluntary?  If you really want to, come to South Africa and stare down a lion, for goodness sake.  You WILL shit your pants, and you WILL have a story to blog about.  But doing the number 2 in a nappy because you want to, that is just sad.  Of all the fantasies out there, come on man, this is just a lack of imagination!

To make matters worse, there are women who wants to play mommy to these sicko’s.  (Wonder how many people I offended with this sentence?) But this behaviour redefines emasculation.  You even get centres where you can check in and be a baby for a few bucks an hour.  Like daycare for adults, these centres allow you to play baby for a day.  Even typing it…It’s wrong on so many levels!  And I am giving this kind of behaviour way more exposure than I want to…

So why blog about it then, you might ask?  As a thinking person, I understand that we are living in a society where the basic philosophy is that anything goes, just let people be and I agree with that view, most of the time.  My concern is: When would it become too much or too weird or too unacceptable?   Will we stop at bestiality, only because it implies animal abuse?

I rarely rant and rave or judge, as I normally see the glass as half full, and the strange things people do doesn’t really bother me.  But once in a while, just once every so often, someone needs to pause the movie and say “WTF!”

My kids were watching the insert with me and I realised, as it was PG, that they need to get some guidance from dad on the subject…

“Kids, if you read this, please note:  This is not acceptable behaviour!  If you are old enough to shave and you feel the need to defecate in a nappy and crawl on all fours and suckle with a teddybear, you need to seek professional help.  I will pay for it!  Love you.”

This is my WTF moment.  I need to make sure that my kids don’t suffer some psychological breakdown after seeing the odd things people do and then one day also want to regress to infancy.  And for this I have requested God’s help.

It just gives me the shivers man!


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