“Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home

O OOoooooo OOooo oooo”

This is some of the lyrics that Phillip Phillips sings in his first single post American Idol.  We all know that is true.  He promises someone that he will make the place familiar, comfortable, to  fill it with love.

There is also a saying:  Home is where the heart is.  This was probably scripted by some soldier in a ditch during the civil war.  He was at his last resort, just lost his best friend due to a stray bullet.  He was filthy, tired and depressed.  Comrades were screaming, bombs were firing, guns blazing.  He suddenly turned around and fell back against the dirt.  Red eyes seeking hope in the hazy sky,  Then he thought of his loving wife on the farm with his two boys whom he left on the porch.  And he new he had a reason to fight because “Home is where the heart is”.

Or maybe not.  Maybe someone just came up with it, sitting in front of a fire with a pipe and goblet of cognac.

The truth is that when you have slept in as many hotel beds as I have; the concept of home becomes very real.  You see wonderful places from the towering skyscrapers of New York to the pristine beaches of Fiji.  In the end Phillip get’s it right, home is the place where you are not alone.  The place where your loved ones are.

One thing that struck me is that home is not only defined as the venue where my dearest wife and two kids are staying.  It is so much more.  It expands to the space where you are most comfortable with yourself.  Where people around you create an environment where you can flourish, like a greenhouse.  Where your friends love you despite of yourself.

Home is where you can remove all the masks that society expects you to wear.  Home is where your soul can breathe easy, with no fear of criticism or rejection.  Home is where you can put your feet up and have an opinion and not be judged.  Where the person in the body can truly blossom.

At home your loved ones and friends surround you and embrace you, like a fully functioning rib cage.  You can run free and be safe and be the rib cage for the others around you.


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