We should talk about the deer.

I am watching The Walking Dead at the moment and it must be one of the most thrilling television series ever created.  Forget Prison Break.  It keeps me at the edge of my seat with my hands in my hair.  I say “Oh shit” often.

This blog will not be a review on the series, don’t worry, it is about me finding inspiration in the most unusual places.  In an episode of season 2, the sick screenwriters of the series make the characters go through even more hell.  As if fighting zombies is not enough!  The are facing a critical situation when a young girl goes missing.  They go look for the girl and in one scene they find a deer strolling in the woods.  A boy is fascinated with the animal, and they lock eyes, whilst he slowly walks closer.  He is about 4 feet away when the deer is shot, the bullet passes through the animal hitting the boy.  Bam!  I said “oh shit” then.

The scene was brilliantly shot, but the viewer knew something was going to happen.  So after getting him to a vet, yes vet, the boy is clinging  on for dear life.  See how I did that? So now you have the two emotional parents and their is the following exchange.

Mom is sad.  Dad says be strong.  Mom says why?  Dad says what do you mean.  Mom says that it might be better if the boy dies.  Dad is angry.  Mom says death might be a better option than living through the zombie apocalypse.  Dad looks away.  Mom asks for one reason why it should be better to live.  She begs her husband for the one reason to hope her son does not die.

Sometime later the son awakens briefly from his coma and in that moment he sees his mom and start blubbering about the amazing sight of the deer.  Then he passes out again.

It takes a long time to get to the point, I know, hang in there, here it comes… My daily inspiration comes from the father’s answer.  He said to his wife, in one of those, Emmy nominated dramatic scenes, all gut wrenching and teary eyed, that the one reason why it would be better to live is because his son only wanted to talk about seeing the deer.

Life is important because his son didn’t talk about being shot or about being hurt, he talked about the deer, that incredible moment where he came so close to this animal, his total surreal experience.

And then it hit me, like a bullet.  I know we are not living in a zombie apocolypse, although some custom officials make me wonder, but how many people do you know would talk about the deer?  How many of us would rather be complaining about the news of the day, or about how sick life is.

The brain is an amazing organ, it does not remember pain.  (And you need to shoot a zombie in the head to kill it too, by the way).  You remember going through pain and you know it was an awful time, but can you truly recollect the exact physical sensation?  Ask any mother what she remembers about giving birth.  It will not be the pain, but the miracle of holding her baby in her arms for the first time after the ordeal.

So why do we constantly remind ourselves of the pain?  And the hurt?  Are we trying to bypass our own natural safety trigger?  Our build in protection?  We should focus on the deer.  Stop talking about pain and hurt and bad news and dreadful things and let’s start talking about the great and beautiful things we get to see and experience every day.  The miracle of life.

And there are thousands of deer just waiting to be discovered if we just start looking.

I won't bite, I promise...

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