Bring on the chaos!

When I travel my awesome wife is quite capable of looking after my two great kids, the household and her teaching job. So when I return from a trip, we normally go out to dinner on the first or second evening and certain things must happen.

The music has to be played loud on the way back, song choice from the kids.  Only one condition, ok two: It has to have an anthem quality and a great beat.  Like our latest choice, “Feel this moment” from Pitbull.  We all need to have a party in our SUV on the way home.

Then Carli and I will fight for a place on the coach upon our return, settling in for Modern Family.  My daughter is getting so tall, that we can reach each other’s feet whilst lying on opposite ends of the couch.  So with feet exposed the fight breaks out at each commercial break.  The loser is the one who can’t take the tickling anymore.

Before Ruben goes to bed we have to share the latest profile pics on his BBM, which can be quite hilarious, so we laugh loudly, like this one…


Then when he’s off to bed it is important to have our daily wrestling match to see how quickly I can get him under the covers, then there is the placement pillows that becomes launching bags.  The dog is all part of this barking, jumping, wagging his tail, excitedly playing along.

Half an hour later when all is quiet in the house, I plunge on the couch quite exhausted, wife hands me a cup of coffee and I ask:

“How do you do this every day on your own?”

“I don’t,” she says, smiles and takes a sip of her coffee.  “When we are alone, it is all very different.  The kids go to bed willingly, calmly.  I tuck them in, we say our prayers, and then I go to my room.  The night is done.”

“How is that possible?”  I ask surprised, still breathing heavily.

“You see,  my love,” she says again, with the most amazing tone of love and appreciation.  “You bring on the chaos.  You bring the energy to our household and that is why we love you and that is why we miss you.  It is all very boring when you are away.”

Words escaped me.  There was an overpowering feeling of warmth that spilled over me.  A feeling of belonging, this is MY people.  My amazing wife could not have given me a better “I love you” even if she tried.  But I also had an epiphany…

So listen, lend me your ears, or eyes in this case.

Every person has the chaos, granted different types of it, but the secret is not to figure out what you have, the secret is to bring it.  To bring the unique energy that you alone posses and come and join the party.  Don’t stand on the sidelines, sit on a chair waiting for someone to ask you to dance, no, jump in and make the event a full experience.

Bring your own chaos.  Bring. It. On.  For what is the alternative option?

I won't bite, I promise...

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