The stupid question

Going on 40, I have learned a few things, I am by no means I am making a statement about my wisdom, which actually might be perceived as exactly the opposite.  The one thing that I learned , is that human beings have this amazing ability to ask the most stupid questions that (1) Never should be asked in the first place and (2) The answer is so mind-blowingly obvious.

Some might argue that only stupid people never ask questions, STOP.  This only applies if you are in lecture hall learning calculus.

You know it is a stupid question when (1) You get slapped, or worse beaten, (2) You get a very condescending look (3) The only reply is a gruff or (4) There is just no reply.  In most cases the person replying will turn around and walk away, indicating to you that yes indeed you asked a stupid question.

So I decided in the spirit of this blog to start listing these questions, so that my kids will one day avoid these landmines of human confrontation.

Most of the questions in the first category was learned from personal experience. (He touches his cheek).  The second well they come from my common sense.

So hop on over to my new page and please add questions that you feel falls into either of these categories.  We need to help the youngens.  Some of these will only apply to the poor boys out there that is still trying to decode the female gender.  We will not tell them that it would be easier to navigate the Amazon blindly, because that might indeed be possible, whereas…


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