Negativity sucks!

A common thread of my recent posts relates to the dark force.  Or known by its more common name: negativity.  This post actually addresses my passionate despise of the subject.  I think I have a medical condition because if I see it seeping from another person; my throat dries up and I start convulsions.  These normally become so severe that I have to open my mouth and then…well.  My wife walks away.

A think negativity is one of the most destructive forces of nature.  Forget Katrina, forget the Tsunami, forget earthquakes.  I consent, they killed thousands of people and the damage caused runs into the gazillions. I emphasize with the heartbroken and shattered survivors who are still recovering after these onslaughts of nature and by no means would I belittle the loss of life, but negativity is killing and attacking the human spirit every single day.

It exists in people, spilling their cynicism like cheap wine all over the white tablecloths of society.  They discuss the uselessness of life, the “crazy world we live in” and the “why do we even bother” topics with such excitement, basically just causing emotional pollution.  People please take note: Being realistic is not the same as being pessimistic.  And being pessimistic is being negative.  Look it up.

In this world we live in with terrible shootings, random acts of terror, violent forces of nature, being negative is considered being realistic.  I mean just follow the realism of the news, the voices of your peers and then flip the switch.  The problem with the switch is that it swivels between positive and negative.  It is easier to go the route of the latter.  Joining more in breaking down hope.  Like a zombie infestation, once bitten you will eventually turn.  The only difference here is that it always remains a choice.

To be positive, to be optimistic, to have faith is the harder choice.  It is following the road less travelled, it is the narrow path.  But it is the same path filled with food stations everywhere.  The paved walkway is brightly lit with fluorescent light tubes of appreciation and joy, with banners of hope floating in the gentle breeze. It is where the sun bakes  warmly on your face.

On this road of positive attitude and optimism, the soul flies, the spirit soars, whilst your feet remain firmly on the ground.  Firmly cast in reality.  Walking along experiencing life in all it forms, good, bad, ugly.  You might even find yourself whistling.


If you prefer to be dull and gloomy, maybe you should just put a lid on it.


I won't bite, I promise...

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