A song for everyone

My beautiful daughter is blessed with a loud voice.  She can keep a tune, but Carly Rose should not be worried about competing against another child prodigy.  Never gonna happen.  At birth she came out with a sign:  Ear plugs required, no volume control.  And did I mentiond she loves singing.

So she does, often, holding nothing back.  Making up songs as she goes along.  Putting odd little things like swimming, dolls and bff’s into stange lyrical combinations.  Performing to the millions of screaming fans cheering in her head.  They exist in the mirror, in the pool, in the garden.

And every time we hear her;  my wife and I just smile.  It is a wonderous sound.  Our blessing.  The noise of happiness.  Her song, bursting load, reminds us how to live life.

Give everything.  Grab that soundtrack of your life and sing every note, every melody and every chorus with all your heart… Take your song and Belt. It. Out.

Is it perfect?  Who cares.  On tune?  So what?  People watching?  Does it matter?

Just let go.  Just live.  Every second of every day.

When I hear my 10 year old girl having so much passion and heart, I pray that she retains the essence of her performance.  Not the voice, or the song but the total uninhibited, energetic, full volume, taking life by the horns spirit she exhumes.  And to live her life exactly the same.

So when you are on your own stage and there is only a small crowd watching.  Lift your chin, stand up straight, loosen the hips and start singing louder.  Pick up the microphone, turn up the amplifier and go fot it.  People will gather, crowds will line-up.  Let everyone hear your song. It is beautiful and unique.

Your song for everyone.


I won't bite, I promise...

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